DeflateGate: The Smoking Gun


The NFL insists that science alone cannot explain the Patriots’ pressure drop.

Therefore the ball attendant must have deflated them — and quarterback Tom Brady must have known.Gauges

Much depends on which gauge the referee actually used to measure the balls pre-game. The referee remembers using his longer-needled (LOGO) gauge.  But the “independent” investigator/consultants rejected the referee’s recollection.

Do the gauges resemble each other so much that the referee would mis-remember which he used?




How much longer exactly is the longer needle?  See for yourself.   Examine the independent consultant’s own close-up: What do the rulers tell your eyes?

Look again.  (Yes, they shifted one ruler .2” to deflate the difference!)  The longer, LOGO gauge needle really measures TWICE AS LONG as the shorter one.

Would an experienced referee who used one of these gauges 24 times that day, mistake it for the other?

But wait!  There’s another trick in this optical illusion:  Are the needles both “slightly bent” as Exponent’s caption suggests?

Or did the “independent” investigator/consultants earn their millions by shooting a photograph specifically to eliminate the greater bend of the longer needle?  This further deflates the difference.  Look carefully.  The truth lurks in the shadow.

How could these sophisticated scientific/engineering PhD statisticians with all their complex simulations and graphs somehow misalign two simple rulers?  Accident — or con job?

Once you credit the referee’s memory here, and reject one other pseudo-scientific piece of twisted logic, science can fully explain the entire pressure drop.

Leaked mis-information, implausible assumptions and daring distortions obscure the truth.

Deflategate is a sham — an NFL cooked-up fraud.  So who cheated:  The quarterback or the League?