International Appearances (Live and Media)





  • BBC, Up All Night (first aired 4/21/11)
  • BBC, Documentary, “Crime and Punishment: The Story of Capital Punishment”
  • Guest Speaker at Amicus on the death penalty, London, UK, (2/10/10)
  • Speaker at the Center for Capital Punishment Studies, School of Law in the University of Westminster, London, UK  (03/20/03)
  •  True Crime Magazine,  profile on RB,  ‘It’s Right To Hate’” (6/03)
  • The Herald, quoted in “Portillo and the Ultimate Punishment”, (1/15/08)
  • BBC2- Horizon “ How to Kill a Human Being”  (DATE)
  • BBC – NEWSHOUR  (05/05/11)
  • Master Detective, “Who Does Deserve to  Die and Why?” (April 2003)
  • BBC, World Today-Ed.2, “US Supreme Court” (1/27/04)
  • BBC TV,  USA Direct (10/14/98)
  • BBC World News, guest ( execution of the mentally retarded) (3/12/02)



  • Daily Record (Glascow), “US Call For Firing Squad Executions” (4/21/11)
  • (“Sole authority”, “Top law professor”)


  • Vision TV, Hot Seat guest, Test of Faith with Valerie Pringle (aired 3/1/04)
  • The Vancouver Province, quoted in “Support for Death Penalty Slowly Losing Grip in US” (11/28/11)
  • CBC Radio Canada,  guest speaker in re: lethal injection (5/21/08)
  • CBS Radio Canada, (12/16/98)


  • Rhein-Neckar Zeitung (German language newspaper), featured in article “Can a Person Deserve to Die? (5/6/12)
  •  University of Heidelberg
    • 5/2/12- Lecture, Institute of Criminal Law
    • 5/2/12-  Screening of “Robert Blecker Wants Me Dead” followed by discussion sponsored by the German/American Society
    • 5/4/12- Lecture  re; US Constitution, Heidelberg Center for American Studies
    • 5/4/12- 2 Hour public dialogue (w/ Andrew Hamill)


  • Journal I’Humanite, quoted in “The Judicial Errors that Cost Lives” (6/11/03)


  • Tokyo Broadcasting System,  “Michael Ross and The Death Penalty” (1/27/05):


  • Antena 3 (3/21/05) re: death penalty
  • Antena 3 (12/15/05) re: public opinions in the US vs. Europe


  • BBC (3/03/05 )


  • Der Standard, “The Decisive Factor is the Cruelty” (9/28/11)
  • Der Standard, “Declining Support for Capital Punishment in the US” (11/28/11)


  • Conference, “The Death Penalty from an International Perspective: A Transatlantic Dialogue”, Royal Flemish Academy for Sciences and Arts (5,23-24/03)


  • Turkish Weekly, quoted in article, “US Whittling Away Death Penalty” (3/7/05)